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Welcome to We’re just getting started but you can apply for a membership and make comments. We’ll be experimenting with various looks and capabilities for awhile so let us know what you think.

– Erin

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  • jan Wytte

    As always, I wish you well in this endeavor, also. I just saw the notice and looked at the page, did the notice just go up? the dat appears to be March 17. Maybe no one else has seen the notice?
    And since i can not register, i suspect I will miss out on the fun:(

  • scottramsey

    Was I first? Is there a prize? I hope it’s cool … unless I wasn’t really first and then I don’t really care.

    Thanks Erin and Bob!

  • pleione

    I wasn’t sure whether to create a blog or just a login, so I picked the latter which worked OK – though there doesn’t seem much you can do with it.

    So then I thought I would create a blog using a different username, but it won’t let me use the same email address (Sorry, that email address is already used!). I guess I have to wait till you clear the accounts?

    Anyway good luck with this new site!


  • Maggie Finson

    This is a nice idea. I hope it works out and is going to be usable. Thanks Bob and Erin.

  • ariel

    I’m starting my own weblog at
    As always if this site becomes recreated or self destructs I’ll preserve the weblog posts and comments at my own site
    All my hopes,
    Ariel Montine

  • Not sure why that happened. I can make a blog for you if you want one. Just say so. 🙂

    – Erin

  • ariel

    Everything is fine so far. As far as I can tell my weblog is up and running.

    I may have over reacted to your announcement at BCTS that this site was experimental. I see great potential with the wordpress software powering the site.

    I never was one to just get something bare bones up and running. I’m still working my way thru constucting my site. It isn’t entirely intuitive how to set up things with the most versitile theme. With all the bells and whistles at our disposal, I may be able to create the kind of author site that I envisioned when I started mine. I fell short of what I wanted. I settled for what I was able to do with my limited knowledge of both html and my webpage software.

    Thank you for such a wonderful toolbox. I hope that others will come play with it so we can all see the potential realized.

    All my hopes,
    Ariel Montine

  • I couldn’t see a setting to make an image my icon even though there appears to be a space for one. Could someone with a clue let me know how to do that since I think it could be cute?

    All my hopes,
    Ariel Montine

  • ginnieg

    Hello Erin,
    Good luck with this new place, and I hope it will be as sucessful as the main collection of TG stories. I hope to find some of the unfinished serials here, and hop you accept me as a long time reader, even if I have not been able to publish anything but comments so far

  • ginnieg

    Hello Erin,
    I wish you all luck with this site. I am joining to perhaps find some material that I cannot find in BCTG. And will follow discussions here to perhaps get the courage to once overcome my dyslexia and publish something more than comments.
    Again good luck with this site!

  • ginnieg

    2010-11-09 at 22:17 UTC/GMT
    all entering ways to Bigcloset are down. Any comment please to my email addr

  • SimonH0

    How to sign up to the library?, I looked around but I cannot find out how to sign up

    Best regards,


  • Chris Baker

    I don’t see a way to register so that I can log in. Is that function turned off or is there something special I must do in order to register? I’m not a writer as such, just like to read good stories about people and what they do.

    Thanks in advance

    PS: I’d also like to volunteer to any writers who would like someone to look over their work for grammatical or spelling errors (my secret plan to get to read things first, LOL). I read a LOT and am always looking for new stuff. I like to go back and read the old stuff sometimes too. Currently have on my kindle some of the works of Edgar Rice Burrroughs. Woo. Talk about sexist stuff. Late 19th century, I guess he was a product of his times. I also have the entire Wizard of Oz stories by L. Frank Baum and the “Alice” stories of Lewis Carroll.

  • You need to go to BigCloset and ask for an account be created here for you.

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