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Auto-Blog Signups Turned Back Off

There’s no way to keep spammers from getting blogs if auto-blog signups are allowed. So, I’m allowing auto-user signups but not auto-blogs. If you want a blog, you’ll have to leave me a message that you do. Sorry.

3 comments to Auto-Blog Signups Turned Back Off

  • One more try with leaving things open. I’ve gone with blocking the spammers from the server instead of blocking them at the site.

  • Even that didn’t work. Their IPs are all sham, I’ll have to do a lot more work to determine where they are really coming from.

  • T D Aldoennetti

    Dear Erin,

    Many of the spammers have the ability to alter their IPs on the fly so there is no way you can prevent them via an IP lock-out… They can create millions.

    Even I, due to certain real life problems, do not allow my proper IP address to be sent. At least I have mine altered through a site designed for that purpose rather than willy nilly.

    Good Luck, this seems like a great idea but I’m afrain the spammers will get you down.

    God Bless You


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